Om Ruuthie Apron

The main reason for me to start this company was the fact that I wanted to do something completely different. I was at a turning point in my life, I just had to find something that made me happy and aloud me to be creative.

So I started sewing apron for my own 2 kids, 1 daughter and 1 boy. Then I got all these comments from other parents, asking me were I had bought my children’s apron. The answer was easy: I made them!

Ruuthie is the label and the name I have chosen for my company.
It’s a Sami word for re-cycle or return. My own history of the Sami people is strong, I grew up in the Sami country, and our traditions are old. The sewing traditions are handed down from mother to daughter. So that’s why I find it’s so relaxing to make beautiful things with my hands.

The products of Ruuthie:
We only do a few items of every apron; we are not interested in mass producing apron, in the common way. But our apron can be made in an eco friendly way, and in a larger number/stock.